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Dr. Nancy V Brown

Hello, I’m Dr. Nancy V Brown Willis. Thank you for visiting my page. I’m a counselor, life coach, consultant, author, speaker, radio host, mental health & suicide prevention advocate. I help people release their story, walk in their freedom and feel better about themselves as they get their breakthrough by getting unstuck and walking in their healing. I live in Georgia and travel internationally helping my  clients not just survive but thrive.

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Healing Coaching Sessions

I work with adults, teens and children in the areas of Healing From Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Child sexual Abuse recovery, Trauma informed recovery, Teen parent, School dropout, Emotional Abuse, DV, VSG, Hair loss, Long term illness, End of life support services, Grief, Perinatal loss, Abortion, Forgiveness, Suicide Prevention, Suicide Loss Survivors, Suicide Survivors, Divorce recovery, Stress management, Self care, Addiction, Bullying, Rejection, Shame, Broken heart, Healing, Marriage support, Marital sex & intimacy coaching, Relationship support, Infidelity recovery, Family conflict, Family mediation, Parenting support, Returning students, Business, Cross roads, Accountability partner, Addiction recovery, Life coaching, Staff trainings in DEI, Cultural competence trainings, Workplace counseling services to help support a healthier workplace environment.

Equine Healing Therapy

Dr. Nancy V Brown is passionate about equine facilitated healing, trauma recovery, crisis intervention, suicide prevention and  mental health support services. She understands the importance of cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion in the mental health field.

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What My Clients Say

" Dr Nancy V Brown is a great counselor and spiritual life coach. She helped me through so many different situations. She has a great wealth of knowledge, non judgmental and understanding. I truly appreciate her taking me on as a client. I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance through any difficult situation or seeking emotional support. ."
Joanna Petit-Frere
President of Visage 1 Studios
"Nancy Is an amazing coach and a powerful source of support. Looking forward to having her on our future events."
Monieke McNeil
CEO Upclose with Moniek McNeil
"Nancy, is the Chairperson of our Advisory Council and an active Volunteer at (Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice), DeKalb Regional Detention Center, a multi-faceted facility that serves the state`s justice-involved youth up to age 21. DJJ volunteers work diligently to redirect and shape the young lives in the agency`s care, so they can take responsibility for their delinquent conduct as well as become contributing members of society. At the same time, DJJ seeks to protect the victims of crimes so that they can rebuild their lives. Nancy is a vital part of our facility volunteers, she is always willing to assist and lead programs offered at the facility. She also translates to the Hispanic parents when we have special events. Both parents and youth enjoyed having her. Can’t wait to have her come back to share her story."
ShaRon Lovett
Volunteer Resource Coordinator, PBIS Lead. Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, DeKalb RYDC.
So happy to have found Dr. Nancy V Brown! She is super patient, kind and very knowledgeable. It felt so easy to talk to her. She made me feel heard!! Wish I had found her sooner.
Dalia C
Nancy is an amazing listener who not only hears your words but understands where you're coming from. Meeting you where you are, she shares advice that might challenge you in the moment but is incredibly valuable for shaping your best self. She encourages you to think about the viewpoint of those you might be angry with and to look beyond your current challenges. Taking a “Bird's Eye view” of issues helps resolve conflicts, bring valuable people closer, and removes those who shouldn't be in your circle. For women navigating societal expectations, Nancy's counseling stresses staying true to yourself, building your personal strength, and taking charge of your own happiness in relationships
Dr Aurora Quaye

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