Counseling Services

I work with adults, teens and children in the areas of Healing From Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Child sexual Abuse recovery, Trauma informed recovery, Teen parent, School dropout, Emotional Abuse, DV, VSG, Hair loss, Long term illness, End of life support services, Grief, Perinatal loss, Abortion, Forgiveness, Suicide Prevention, Suicide Loss Survivors, Suicide Survivors, Divorce recovery, Stress management, Self care, Addiction, Bullying, Rejection, Shame, Broken heart, Healing, Marriage support, Marital sex & intimacy coaching, Relationship support, Infidelity recovery, Family conflict, Family mediation, Parenting support, Returning students, Business, Cross roads, Accountability partner, Addiction recovery, Life coaching, Staff trainings in DEI, Cultural competence trainings, Workplace counseling services to help support a healthier workplace environment.