Visionary Consulting

Unleash your greater PURPOSE, PASSION & VISION! 

VISIONARY: Able or likely to see Visions/ one who sees visions: SEER (Merriam-Webster)

“If you can Visualize it, if you can Dream it, there’s some way to do it.” -Walt Disney

When you walk in spiritual awarness a light gets turned on, which allows you to see on a higher frequency and your Vision becomes more clear.”    -Dr. Nancy V Brown 

Have you been pregnant with a dream and not sure how to give birth? 

Dr. Nancy is a spiritual midwife and works with clients who may feel stuck and at a crossroad.  She empowers others to embrace their journey in life and re-envision their authentic self. These meetings consist of goal setting, vision building, brainstorming, mind shifting exercises, next steps and strategic sessions to help her clients find their purpose and bring their vision to pass. Dr. Nancy will help you explore new territories and create the drive to help move things forward. Dr. Nancy helps her clients with building a picture for their future through visualization techniques, by setting goals, being accountable and through setting next step sessions.